Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nat is born to blogspot, again.

Hi! I'm Natalie and this is my scrapbook, public diary, inspiration feeder, whatever you want to call it!

I'm a bit of a div, as I accidentally deleted my last blog account. "How do you accidentally delete a blog, dick head?" (Dave Morris's famous swearword) you might wonder.. well, there's no way I'm going to make it sound less stupid, so I'll leave the answer for your imagination.

So now my blog URL contains my surname as well. Thought that if I have to start over from the beginning, I might as well name my site something that people won't be able to pronounce or remember.

I'm going to try and put in all the stuff from my last blog, though memory like a goldfish I'll probably miss out on a lot of them. But like goldfish in their bowls, they always swim in circles and hopefully I'll bump into them again.

Anyway! I hope you all enjoy the blog, and feel free to drop a "Hello" or a bit of critique or even a random anything!

-N- the dick head

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