Sunday, 28 February 2010

Short recap of the month (from what i lost in the ex blog)

Its been a busy month.

Working on an Ikea brief for D&AD, its going well, I'm excited. My Swedish genes are eager to
impress, we'll just have to see how that goes :) Having a whip tomorrow with Mr Mike so I'm going to
crack on with some more ideas...

Megan and I (my ex partner) are still working on YCN together. We are doing P&O Ferries and Why let the Drink Decide? . Will put them up when they are finished! :)

Alex Taylor visited the University of Lincoln and taught us Art Directors some very interesting and important things. She gave us her 8 golden rules, which I am really grateful for! One day with her, and she makes me feel as if I've learnt a year's worth of lectures!
She made us redirect some ads, and I won first prize! Nadine, my housemate came second, and Jan third!

Guest speaker Rory Sutherland joined us for a day to talk about advertising! Funny guy, truly an inspirationn!

Online Saatchi&Saatchi has started a competition for a placement during summer and eventually a job if the winner is good. 6000 applied, now there are 250 left. Round three starts next week, and I hope for a challenge!!

Also been writing on my dissertation, which is to be handed in in three weeks. Not much left to do, yet it feels like it'll never finish!

Got my newest technology baby, my Nikon D3000, one of my most valuable investments :)

Next week

Going to see Karmarama next week, very excited about that! Staying from thursday to saturday, so I get to stay with my close friend Stephanie! We're doing a campaign for the creatives at Karmarama to look at, I've got some drawn ideas so I'm waiting impatiently for their critique :)


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