Friday, 16 April 2010

Our crazy night in London

First we go to mile end by tube to meet friends for predrinks. Then take taxi to Piccadilly to party. Stop at Holborn first take out cash. atm swallows Stephanie Avidan's card. Blonde girl decides to wait until that happens to come up to us and say that she used the same Atm and it did the same thing to her card just a minute ago. We stand in the cold and talk to Natwest service guy on the phone. Pointless conversation. Driver offers to drive us home for free. drives us back to mile end instead. We agree that there was a misunderstanding. He offers to drive us to the other end of London. We feel bad. Get off at Liverpool st. Wait for the bus for 20 minutes. Sit on the bus for 30. Get off at Oxford Circus. Buy Mcdonalds. Run to the bus. Almost sprain my ankle. Get on the bus. Sit on the bus for another 30 minutes. Speak Swedish to Steph. Guy that appears to have smoked far too much weed asks if we are speaking in English. We say "no, Swedish". He looks at us funny. We get off the bus. We walk. We get home. It feels good. To be home. In a bed. Where its warm!

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