Friday, 14 May 2010

Update on Natalie patalie's life

Today has been a looong day! Didn't go to bed last night as I was busy doing uni work. Our hand-in is on tuesday and so I spent the night drawing visuals to put on boards. Handed in my self promo video at 9 o'clock, then continued working. Spent some time in the studio, fiddled with my campaigns and got back two hours ago. My body and eyes feel tired, yet my mind is awake. Don't really know whether to have a short nap before I continue.. hmm.. will have to think about it for a while more!

As usual, I don't sit by a desk but on the floor! My board behind me :)

My parents are coming down for the third year show, and I'm really excited that they get to see my work! I haven't seen them in a few months now so I'm expecting lots of hugs! And free meals as well :) 

Our self promo videos will be shown at the Odeon, which is going to be amazing. I can't imagine seeing something I've created on such a big screen, with such a big audience! 

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