Saturday, 26 June 2010

Swedish Midsummers

On friday we had a few friends round to celebrate Swedish midsummers with us. We shared our tradition by making typical swedish food; Sandwich cake, pickled herring (so much nicer than it sounds, i promise) salmon, potato and sour cream and chives dip. People brought their own bbq as well, so it was a mixture of lots of goodness! We introduced "Snaps", a swedish 40% alcohol that people sip with food, as well as made halos out of flowers and even a midsummer pole (which people dance around) out of a broom stick and leaves.

Course mates Tom and Ruby

The boys were loving the food!

Steph and I wearing our flower halos :)

It almost felt as if I was in Sweden! It made me miss my parents a bit though, as this is probably the first time I haven't celebrated midsummers with them.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Iphone 4G

Mine, in two days!! Well, on thursday, for those who count it as a new day past 00:00!
I'm soo excited!!

Internet, I miss you.

Currently Steph and I are stealing Internet from our fellow neighbour, The Earl Percy, which is a hotel pub.  Sometimes its works perfectly, and sometimes its really bad. Therefore I've not been able to update my blog as often as I'd like. But no worries, we're getting our own Internet on the 5th of July, so I'll be up and running more often after that :)


Saturday, 19 June 2010

"Have they cross-bred tigers with dogs?"

On the train to London I was reading an article about the latest trend in China with pets. My sweet friend Steph thought they had bred tigers and dogs, how cute is she?

But no, really the latest trend is to die peoples' pets the same colour as different animals. I think its pretty cool. Who wouldn't want their dog to look like a fierce tiger, or a cute tiny baby panda?!

Then there are those who take it way too far...

Not really digging this, but it is a bit funny though!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Come Dine with me!

Mark came over and made a delicious meal! Next time its Steph and my turn to cook. Mark definitely raised the bars, yikes!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Busy bee in Landan town

Been a bit lousy with the blog updates, been busy in London with the new flat and all
the sorting out that comes with it. Really feel grown up now!
I've managed to score a job at the spanish clothes shop Bershka on Oxford st. I start tomorrow
which is really exciting! Also, I'll be getting a few hours at the pub next door. It's all gone so
quickly which was surprising. I thought job hunting would take weeks, instead its taken 3 cv hand-outs and  an hour later I got a phone call from the manager asking for an interview!

Its all good!

The most romantic song I know!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Last engine shed night!

Yesterday was the last night at Engine Shed, the university night club. It was emotional. It was packed, everybody was happy (and a little bit sad that it was over) and we all had a good time! Wish that Andy, Luke and Tim was there as well though! A night I'll always remember!

This song is in 'The Strangers' and it fits so well with the scenes. Its a nice song, but has a bit of a creepy feel to it.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

love it

Saab, I am impressed

Saab hasn't been too well for a long time now. Although through recent studies, sales are increasing and the brand's launching new cars next year that look quite different to the traditional saab models. Impressed? I kinda like them!


As there's not much to do in Lincoln, and I've had a lot of free time, I've been watching
quite a few movies. Here's some I recommend :)

I love you, man (a new favourite)
The strangers
The House Bunny
Nosferatu the dracula

Can't think of anymore at the moment, so I'll leave it at that.

la la la

I have now finished uni! Assessment tomorrow and then the third year show awaits! My parents will be arriving in Lincoln on the 3rd, so excited to meet them!

I will be participating in New Blood this year, really syked about that! Look out for me :)