Saturday, 26 June 2010

Swedish Midsummers

On friday we had a few friends round to celebrate Swedish midsummers with us. We shared our tradition by making typical swedish food; Sandwich cake, pickled herring (so much nicer than it sounds, i promise) salmon, potato and sour cream and chives dip. People brought their own bbq as well, so it was a mixture of lots of goodness! We introduced "Snaps", a swedish 40% alcohol that people sip with food, as well as made halos out of flowers and even a midsummer pole (which people dance around) out of a broom stick and leaves.

Course mates Tom and Ruby

The boys were loving the food!

Steph and I wearing our flower halos :)

It almost felt as if I was in Sweden! It made me miss my parents a bit though, as this is probably the first time I haven't celebrated midsummers with them.

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