Saturday, 17 July 2010


Everyone makes mistakes, its what you do to fix it that matters!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Heroin addicts in Swansea

The other day I saw a documentary about a few people in Swansea and their addiction to Heroin.
I couldn't find the link to clip, but I found an article for those who are interested to read.. Shocking
to see how some people lead their daily lives, and how different it is to mine.

Right back at ya Mr!

This girl is amazing! She video-blogs about different human truths in comedic way.
Some of the comments she gets are quite racist, and even then she gave a comedic response.
She deserves to be watched, so I'm promoting her a bit on my blog! :)

It matters if you're black or white

Yesterday I couldn't sleep, so I went onto BBC iplayer and watched the movie 'Skin'. It's based on a true story about a black girl born to white parents in Johannesburg round the 1940s. Its gives real insight on how difficult it was to live in a society where coloured people didn't have the same rights as white people, and all the problems she went through in her life due to her skin colour. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. I was so shocked how racist some places were at such "modern" times. 

As a "mixed-raced" person myself I've thought a bit in my life what nationality I think of myself as. I'm half Swedish and half Malaysian. Due to my mother having darker features I have never really looked Swedish, yet I have lived in Sweden all my life and know of the Swedish cultures and traditions more than the Malaysian. I almost always get the comment "..But you're not blonde or blue eyed?" when I   tell people that I'm from Sweden. Its quite funny, how so many people make that comment when England's full of diversity. 

Back to the movie, I (even though the situation was extreme in comparison to mine) found that I could relate a little to it, and found it really interesting! It brings out the truth, that people care a lot about the outside, even though its just colour, ethnicity or beauty.

Friday, 2 July 2010

New Blood

Went to see the New Blood exhibition a short while on the last day. Didn't have much time to look around but I was impressed by what I saw! Many talented students out there! Was exciting to see my own work up on the wall as well..(behind me, top left)

Made a few business cards for the exhibition..

Song of Summer 2010!