Wednesday, 7 July 2010

It matters if you're black or white

Yesterday I couldn't sleep, so I went onto BBC iplayer and watched the movie 'Skin'. It's based on a true story about a black girl born to white parents in Johannesburg round the 1940s. Its gives real insight on how difficult it was to live in a society where coloured people didn't have the same rights as white people, and all the problems she went through in her life due to her skin colour. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. I was so shocked how racist some places were at such "modern" times. 

As a "mixed-raced" person myself I've thought a bit in my life what nationality I think of myself as. I'm half Swedish and half Malaysian. Due to my mother having darker features I have never really looked Swedish, yet I have lived in Sweden all my life and know of the Swedish cultures and traditions more than the Malaysian. I almost always get the comment "..But you're not blonde or blue eyed?" when I   tell people that I'm from Sweden. Its quite funny, how so many people make that comment when England's full of diversity. 

Back to the movie, I (even though the situation was extreme in comparison to mine) found that I could relate a little to it, and found it really interesting! It brings out the truth, that people care a lot about the outside, even though its just colour, ethnicity or beauty.

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