Sunday, 15 May 2011

More things to do at home

Adopt animals
Moving away from your parents is nice, but you can feel quite lonely as well sometimes. So stealing the neighbours cat is a great way to "own" a pet, without all the finances and obligations...

1. Lure in cat with food.
2.Be nice to it. Don't "shuu" it or kick it. They don't like that.
3. Give it milk.
4. Let it into the flat and let it enjoy the comforts of your home.
lock all windows and doors (optional).
5. When you get bored of it let it go back to its owner. To be fair, the neighbour might get a bit worried.

I looove cooking. It's fun, you get to be creative and you get to experiment.. Hopefully it tastes good, most of the time at least.. And it's a good way to keep you occupied.


Not just for girls.
I know it sounds intimidating for all the guys even thinking about considering doing face masks, but its not that scary...

and you skin does feel amazing afterwards.

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