Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Things to do at home..

My flatmate and I were a bit bored the other day and got inspired in Poundland. We bought soil and seeds and started planting some veg and herbs. Is it sad that I get really excited every time I look and see that some of its grown a little...? Shh..don't answer that. (specifically directed to Nadine!)

If thats not really your thang.. maybe do some other "motherly" stuff, like sewing. Yay.. But actually, it is kind of fun. Since Steph and I don't really have a life but need to keep ourselves occupied, we went down Portobello market and bought a few 1-pound scarfs, black thread and a sewing kit. So our latest project is making fragile cushions that will tear as soon as someone sits or touches it.

And if you don't enjoy any of the above, there is always the Xbox. Yes, I know.. we really don't have a life. 

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